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In countless meetings with Marketing Executives from all over the world we find that the biggest challenges, the biggest worries they face in common have less to do with the 4Ps and more to do with the 5th “P” – the People who are responsible for the 4Ps. From making people think out of the box to encouraging them to work more cohesively as a team, from gaining commitment to driving them towards a shared vision of the future, executives have but a single question: “How do we get the most out of our people so that we achieve our company’s profit and long-term growth objectives?” (See Executive Insight #25.)

At Banyan Way, we help Marketing Managers and other executives address the questions and challenges they face by compelling them to look deeply into how they lead their People – into their understanding and practice of Leadership. This is done via a series of one-on-one meetings between an Executive and his Banyan Way Coach structured along a 5-Step proprietary process called BanyanSCOPE©.

With the aid of inquiry and other diagnostic tools, the BanyanSCOPE© process begins with understanding a Company's strategic objectives and, with this as the backbone, undertaking a thorough assessment of the Executive’s strengths & weaknesses, values & motives. Specific leadership skill sets and management behaviors that need to be improved are then identified, and measurable goals established. Action towards these goals is initiated and continuous evaluations made to ensure progress is on track. Finally, the Coach helps ensure that positive changes, once made, become part of the Executive’s life-long career habit. Companies and executives have reported remarkable success from their coaching experience using the 5-Step BanyanSCOPE© process. Read about some of them in the case studies.



We do this by helping them focus on the most important, yet oftentimes most ignored, component of the marketing mix: the 5th ‘P’, the People responsible for the 4Ps and for turning marketing dreams into market realities.


The greatest challenge of most leaders is not understanding the practice of leadership but the practice of their understanding of leadership.
Marshall Goldsmith



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