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At Banyan Way, our Mission is to help Marketing Managers and other executives become more effective leaders and managers by enhancing their leadership and business competencies, as well as by engendering in them more positive and productive business behaviors.

We accomplish this through Coaching that is personalized and customized to the specific development need of the Executive, with each engagement conducted by a Coach who has had extensive real-world experience in leading and managing organizations.

In accomplishing this Mission, we are guided by our CORE values:


Our Mission & Values are far more important than any strategy we may adopt for our business. They are at the core of our being as a Company, the definition of who we are. They are a source of inspiration and a siren-call to excellence.
Tristan B. de la Rosa, Banyan Way Founder & Principal Coach


By accomplishing this Mission:

• We help Companies realize the full value of the most precious of their human resource - their Marketing Managers and other key executives - thereby increasing shareholder return on investment. Executives come out of the process with enhanced leadership skills and behaviors, positively charged and driven to accomplish their organizations’ vision and goals.

• We help individual executives find the enlightenment that will inform and direct their course towards a richer more fulfilling professional (and ultimately, private) life. They come out of the process with a deeper understanding of themselves - their strengths, inner resources, weaknesses, values and motives; a sharper view of their career and professional goals, of skills and behaviors that need improvement; and a well-laid path for achieving these goals and making improvements.

• For the Communities in which they live and work, we hope that enlightened companies and executives become models of responsible citizenship: generous in sharing their bounty with others, and caring for their environment.


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