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Banyan Way is an Executive Coaching & Development Company dedicated to turning already successful Marketing Managers into great Marketing Leaders. We do this by helping them put focus back on their People, the “P” that matters the most to their Company’s marketing success.

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Marketing theorist E. Jerome McCarthy created the concept of the 4Ps in the early ’60s. Ever since, Marketing Managers and other executives have so focused their energies mastering them that many have ignored what may well be the most important “P” of all: the 5th “P” – the People responsible for the 4Ps and for turning marketing dreams into market realities.

As a result these executives have learned, much to their regret, that ignoring their people can only be done at great peril. From delayed new product launches to massive product recalls, the marketing world is littered with spectacular failures as a result of people who are poorly led and badly managed.


Executive Insight #25:


See what Marketing Managers and other executives from all over the world worry about the most.

“As an expatriate corporate executive I have conducted numerous seminars & workshops, and organized & participated in countless conferences & round tables in many parts of the world. I have interviewed hundreds of Marketing Managers and other executives on the biggest leadership challenges they face….I have found one recurring theme underlying all these discussions...

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“This is not a ‘How To’ piece. It contains no answers. Instead it asks a lot of questions. About you, about your effectiveness as a leader and manager. Some questions are simple. Most are tough. All are meant to turn your sight inward so that you find the answers within you: at the pit of your stomach, a corner of your cranium. Or maybe even within the silence of your soul…. If you just read the questions without pausing to reflect, then you will not be doing justice to this piece. You also may not be doing justice to yourself.”

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Executive Insight #35:


A must read for Marketing Managers and other executives serious about strengthening their organization and people while avoiding the mistakes made by many of their peers. Sign up for a FREE e-copy now.

“7 out of 10 Marketing Managers say that their biggest leadership challenge is 'growing their people'. When asked how they go about 'growing' them, most say that this is 'on the job' implying that some kind of coaching is being done to guide their subordinates towards achievement of certain business goals...

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