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Gus was Marketing Director of a successful local household care company under consideration for promotion to the position of SVP Sales & Marketing. While regarded as a brilliant marketer, his superiors felt that at the position he was being considered for, Gus needed further improvement in his ability to influence others including outside investors and the company’s board of directors.

At Stocktaking we found that Gus had strong communication skills and was able to quickly build rapport with whomever he was talking to. It was but a matter of internalizing the principles of successful influencing and putting these into action. At Course-Charting, we set specific goals in terms of key projects that needed support and funding from targeted investors which Gus would spearhead. At the Operationalization step, we worked closely with Gus for him to define the objective for each investor, understand the investor’s motivations, and structure an approach that included a compelling “hook”. At Progress Evaluation, we found that Gus was well on track with 4 of 6 investors having signified agreement in principle to Gus’ plan. 12 months after and at the Extension-to-Habit step, we learned that Gus’ promotion to SVP was about to be formally announced.

“It would have been difficult to do it without my Coach’s guidance. I followed a process that worked smoothly and unerringly. Amazingly, my Coach did not hammer the process into me but coaxed it out of me through deep questioning. In the end, I was committed to the process because it was my own.”


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