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The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
From Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes


Behavior Alignment and Career Counseling

From working independently on special projects, Jane had recently been assigned as Senior Marketing Executive responsible for regional business development in a highly successful family-owned personal care company. Extremely energetic and driven by passion for her work, she was strong willed and very directing and controlling in her management style. Colleagues, many of them relatives or friends of the company owners, regarded Jane as pushy and arrogant, and oftentimes complained about her overstepping her functional scope.

At Stocktaking, we found that Jane was only vaguely aware of her colleagues’ perception of her and did not consider this as serious enough to merit her attention. Reminded about her being in a family-owned company, Jane agreed to be coached so that she would adopt a more collegial management style. At Course-Charting, goals were set based on ratings to be made by selected peers and subordinates. At the Operationalization and Progress Evaluation steps, however, it became increasingly clear that Jane’s directing and controlling personality was just too strong to be curbed. At that point, the coaching direction shifted from aligning her behavior with the culture of the company to counseling her on career options that could best leverage her personality. At the end of the engagement and to the mutual satisfaction of both Jane and the company, Jane decided not to accept the offer for her to return to the special projects division where she could again be more independent, and left to set up her own business,

“I know that I can be stubborn and bull-headed. Tristan was patient with me but when it came to crunch time, he was firm and direct to the point. He certainly does not suffer fools gladly.”


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