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Collaboration With External Parties

Cathy had been assigned to handle regional market development work for a major multinational beverage company. From being Country Marketing Director with a staff of brand managers and assistants directly reporting to her, Cathy now had to work with a “virtual” team consisting of third party personnel from several advertising, promotions, and distribution agencies across several countries.

At Stocktaking we found that while a skilled marketer, Cathy needed help in motivating and energizing a team over which she had no formal authority. At Course-Charting, we worked with her to enhance her collaborative skills by identifying strategies to move the various third party agencies forward along unifying themes. Importantly, this involved establishing common positioning platforms for key brands of the company and identifying projects which can be shared across several markets. At the Operationalization and Progress Evaluation steps, we guided Cathy throughout several collective and one-on-one meetings with these agencies, hammering out the few key decisions to focus action on. Nine months after our first meeting and at the Extension-to-Habit step, we found that Cathy and her virtual team had created and aired pan-regional advertising for the Company’s top 2 flagship brands, was sharing best practices even among erstwhile competitive agencies, and had grown market share from nil to Top 3 in their respective categories.

“Tristan’s excellent grasp of corporate and leadership issues, shaped by his extensive experience working with world-renowned companies across several countries, puts him in a class well above your garden-variety coaches. A thoughtful listener, an engaging speaker, his real-world insights are invaluable.”


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