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The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
From Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes


Transforming A Culture & Reversing Business Decline

Tom, newly promoted as Country Head of the subsidiary of a global food company, inherited an organization whose business had lost nearly half of its value in 2 years, a management board of squabbling executives, and a demoralized work force assiduously being courted by a militant labor union. A brilliant and seasoned Marketing Director prior to his promotion, Tom needed the guidance and confidence to reverse the Company’s downward trajectory, reshape his board into a focused cohesive team, and restore morale among the workers.

At the Stockttaking step, we found that Tom already had considerable leadership skills and only needed the guidance and affirmation needed to leverage these. At Course-Charting, we helped him set clearly defined goals for himself and the organization: his definition of “success” in terms of specific market, financial, organizational, and personal metrics. At the Operationalization and throughout the Progress Evaluation steps, we worked with Tom to create an inspiring Vision for his company and to translate this into an Operating Plan with clearly designated paths and measures. By closely involving his Management Board in developing the Vision and Operating Plan (this included having each Department Head interview at least 60% of all the employees under him/ her), Tom got their commitment to the final product. Importantly, by engaging and directly asking for their ideas and suggestions, workers felt they had a stake in the company’s future, and morale significantly improved. In his first year as Country Head and as we found in the Extension-to-Habit step, Tom and his team not only arrested the company’s decline but grew business by 20%.

“An incredible laser-like focus plus unerring intuition that help you get directly to the heart of an issue… As a coach, Tristan delivers to the max.”


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