Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is an experiential and personalized development program wherein an Executive, guided by a Coach, works to improve his/her leadership skills and business behavior in order to achieve short and long-term personal and company goals.

The relationship between Executive and Coach is one founded on complete trust and candor. Banyan Way believes that in order to define goals and uncover issues and obstacles to progress, the Executive must be able to freely express his/her deepest thoughts. We also believe that the Executive should be prepared to receive feedback that he/ she normally will not get from superiors, peers, and even friends and relatives.


Coaching gets executives to slow down, gain awareness, and notice the effect of their words and actions… the best coaching fosters cultural change
for the benefit of the entire
Harvard Business Review

At Banyan Way we believe that a successful coaching engagement should result in a positive and measurable change in the specific skill or behavior targeted for improvement within a specified time frame.


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